UMM’s rail transport solutions focus on providing flexible services that deliver tangible and profitable benefits to our valued customers. Rail is acknowledged as one of the most environmentally-friendly transport solutions for full loads. However, train operators are sometimes rigid in the service they deliver, placing constraints around services, available routes and volume amounts.


Our team of dedicated rail specialists can organize any delivery by rail using the service of Block Trains from Tallinn/Riga/Ust-Luga/Sain-Petersburg.

UMM's partners with all current rail freight operators across the Russian Federation, to offer a flexible, combined rail and road solution. Our door-to-door multimodal service gives customers one point of ownership across the complete journey. From source to destination, we ensure a consistent service delivered to a pre-agreed set of KPIs from start to finish.


Through our extensive relationships, we look to combine customer loads to give the critical mass required to move transport from road to rail, giving both cost and carbon offset benefits. Our team of dedicated rail specialists work with all Russian rail operators to manage volume fluctuations, and seek opportunities to extend new services.

Using rail transport to provide environmental savings

UMM provides a “door to door” service, offering a flexible combination of high quality road and networked rail solutions that deliver favourably against environmental targets, whilst ensuring value for money. With one gallon of fuel moving one tonne of product 246 miles by rail, as opposed to 88 miles by road, and one rail freight journey removing 30 trucks from the Russian road network, rail is an essential consideration for every efficient supply chain today.



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