UMM Logistics Ltd. is an international logistic company that offers a full range of carriage, customs and logistics services. Our company holds a leading position in the Europe market and in countries of the Baltic States.


The company mission is to promote the development and further success of our customers' business by offering balanced logistical solutions and contributing to the formation of a civilized cargo shipment market over the World.

UMM Logistics Ltd. approaches each and every customer individually – from a major international corporation to a small based company, and this we use as our primary competitive advantage. Our business is not just about carrying goods; we strive to provide high-quality services based on understanding the needs and problems faced by our customers. Depending on each particular case we either adapt existing logistical schemes to the customer's needs or develop fundamentally new ones to meet our challenges.


The company employs only the best professionals with over a decade of relevant experience, who are capable of promptly and adequately reacting to the continuing changes in the international and domestic market of cargo shipments.
You may always count on UMM Logistics Ltd. as your reliable logistical partner to connect manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers with end consumers and distributors of finished goods and raw materials. We are glad to offer our expertise in the entire diversity of aspects related to development of tactical and strategic logistical schemes and understanding the intricacies of international customs regulations.


Our company currently provides services to a number of major retail groups, automotive, telecommunications and medical companies including special logistical solutions.

UMM Logistics Ltd. brand is synonymous with service quality, reliability and operational excellence. We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality services that consistently meets customers’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.

Performance quality programs are aimed at achieving improvements to our own internal systems, with the ultimate goal of improving service to our customers and focused on enhancing and strengthening business processes in our supply chains.



UMM Logistics Ltd. Tammsaare tee 47, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia I Tel: +3725538073; +3725577198 I